BBAW – Interview with Jessica at Confessions of a Bookaholic

Yesterday I was meandering through the blogs I follow and stumbled upon a mention of Book Blogger Appreciation Week. My stomach sank. How did I not know about this before??? Where had my head been??? (Well, deeply buried in Purpose – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)
I love book bloggers. In fact, I really want to be one. They have the loveliest blogs, tons of fun reading all kinds of frawesome books and play a significant role in helping out new authors. I really wish I had time for a book blog. I’m so jealous of them. But, I’ve decided, I probably wouldn’t be a good book reviewer. I can’t bring myself to publicly give a book less than 3 or 4 stars, no matter how bad it is, because I know what that author went through to produce that book. And I would want to be an honest book blogger. Those two goals just don’t work well together. So, I live vicariously through others.
One of my faves is the fantabulous Jessica at Confessions of a Bookaholic. Her reviews rock. She really puts time and thought into writing them. And I’m thrilled that she agreed to be on the other side of the, er, whatever, and allowed me to interview her (she’s interviewed me before, so that’s what I mean by the other side).
According to the official BBAW site, I was supposed to post this yesterday. But Jessica was working on a 15-page(!) research paper. Because, besides working on her beautiful blog and taking care of her beautiful daughter, she’s also pursuing her Master’s degree. Sweet and smart.
Without further ado…my spur-of-the-moment interview with Jessica:
Me: When did you start blogging?

J: I started blogging around early May (my birthday gift for myself actually) because I wanted to share my thoughts on books I had recently enjoyed.

Holy crap! May??? Did you see how many followers the girl already has?!? Told you she was good. 😉
Me: Why did you decide to blog about books?

J: I enjoyed reading a lot as a kid. Coming from a small town there really wasn’t much else to do. I would spend my summers reading a different book each day. I stopped while I was in college and then in 2008 I decided to pick up a book and it just happened to be Twilight. I didn’t know much about the book then, but soon finished that series and moved on to many, many more.
Me: What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had since starting?

J: I’ve actually had a few surprises since I started blogging. 1. The book blogging community is so awesome! I never dreamed that book bloggers came together in the way they do to share and help each other. 2. Authors are amazing! Yes, Kristie, you are a great example of that amazing-ness. To me authors are my celebrities and when I email one, and they write back, I am flabbergasted! I’m blown away at the generosity and support they give the book blogging community.
Me: How has your book blog changed your life?

J: It has given me, finally, something just for me. I feel like something beyond the “mommy” and the “wife”. I am doing something I enjoy with all of my heart and now I can’t imagine a better gift to myself. 
Me: Any advice for baby bloggers?

J: Hmm, I’m kinda a baby blogger. 🙂 But, here is what I would tell someone new. Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid to try things your own way. Don’t be afraid to interact with more experienced bloggers. And when needed, don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help. You might be surprised at how supportive people can be.
Me: What’s your favorite thing to eat while reading? Drink?

J: Mountain Dew! Yumm, I want some now! I love anything chocolate too as long as it doesn’t get my pages all smudged.
Me: Where’s your favorite place to read?

J: Usually I read right before I go to sleep so I’m in bed, or on the couch. I really like if I have time to relax and read but lately I’ve had to read on the go!
Me: Coffee, tea or soda?

J: POP all the way 🙂 Although, most of the time I drink water but I like Sprite and Mountain Dew a lot.
Me: Cupcakes or brownies?

J: Geez, that’s a tough one. Gotta say I’m a big fan of brownies though (with nuts!).
Hehe…a girl after my own heart!
Me: Vampire Diaries or TrueBlood? (shows, not books)

J: You KNOW the answer to this one. Team Damon! *swoon*….ahhh…what? Oh sorry, got distracted.

Me: Sleep or read?

J: I have given up tons of sleep in order to read so, read!
Me: Books or food?

J: Can’t I have at least books and chocolate? No?…Well, hmm…books!
Me: Beach or mountains?

J: I live in the mountains so right now I’m super excited for the beach (we are leaving to go there Sunday! Woohoo!) I can’t wait to lay on the sand with a good book and relax.

Thanks so much Kristie for interviewing me! 🙂 
Thank you, Jessica, for all that you do, for readers and authors alike.
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6 Responses to BBAW – Interview with Jessica at Confessions of a Bookaholic

  1. Aww, you are the best!! *blushing*. I’m so honored to be on your blog 🙂 My first official interview, eek!!
    So exciting!

    Thanks Kristie!

  2. You know, I’m not going to start a-book blogging or anything, but I was thinking the other day about your point: only being able to give books 4 or 5 stars.

    And I got to thinking, If I was a book-blogger, and I reviewed a book I didn’t like, here’s what would happen:

    o I wouldn’t finish the book. I can tell about 20-50pp into the book if I’ll like it, and I’ll either skim or chunk it if it’s not holding me. I don’t read blogs I don’t care for, I don’t critique work I don’t care for, and I don’t read books I don’t care for.

    (So I read your interview, what does that tell you? I enjoyed it very much, btw.)

    o I wouldn’t post up a bad review. Because I didn’t finish the book, and because I don’t really care about the book, so what’s the point.

    o Which means all my reviews would be ONLY for BOOKS I LOVED!

    So I guess if I ever do a book-blog, which I guess that could happen, it would only involve books I enjoyed, and I would say NOTHING about books I despised and burned at my last campout using their pages for starter kindling and emergency wipes because my dumb-arse brother forgot his TP and I’m not sharing mine.

    Because what’s the point of that, eh. Nobody likes a rant…

    – Eric

  3. Kristie Cook says:

    Jessica, It was definitely my pleasure!

  4. Kristie Cook says:

    Eric, I kind of already do that. If I really like a book, I’ll write a short review and highly recommend it. But when it comes to “real” reviewing, like for a book blog, readers doubt your honesty if you love every book. Maybe if you called it, “Books I Would Never Use as Wipes,” then at least people would know up-front. 🙂

  5. redhead says:

    great interivew, those were some cute questions!

    you shouln’t worry so much about giving a book one or two or five stars. As long as it’s an honest review, and you give honest reasons for what you loved (or didn’t love) about the book, people will be interested in what you have to say.

  6. Valerie says:

    I definitely would prefer to read than to sleep, also! Unfortunately, sleep wins over every night!

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