In case you didn’t know, I’ve been spending the last several days creating and managing the Indie Authors Relief Fund to aid the people of Japan. It’s been a crazy few days and I’m just blown away by all the indie authors who want to help. But besides authors, others have joined in and if you’re a writer, you shouldn’t miss these particular auctions.

Check them out and if something piques your interest, please bid. All proceeds go to Red Cross International for their relief efforts in Japan.

#17: Professional Membership in Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN)


#18: Manuscript Editing by JOHN H. CARROLL


#21: Marketing Services by JULE RIZZARDO


#22: $35 Gift Certificate for Editing Services by C.A. MARSHALL


#23: $35 Gift Certificate for Editing Services by C.A. MARSHALL (Not a repost or accidental duplicate!)


#43: Reality on the Go Reality Check Session by IRINA AVTSIN




#61: 1 Hour of Publishing Consultation or Manuscript Editing by LILLIE AMMANN


#63: eBook Bundle for Authors by AGGIE VILLANUEVA


#65: $50 Gift Certificate for DESIGN SERVICES by HAUTE NOUVEAU