I have been a bad blogger. Bad. Very bad. Okay, I just looked at the last couple of weeks…not too bad. But not great, either. I apologize to my faithful friends. All three of you. Unfortunately, it will be worse this week and next.
Next week because I have tons going on. It’s all good stuff, but will keep me tied up most of the days and evenings. And I’m glad it’s next week and not in July, which will be crazy-busy. A different crazy-busy because that’s when Promise releases. (WOOT! WOOT! Ahem, sorry. Just couldn’t control myself.) That means lots of blogs, here and other places, and you will be so sick of me that you’ll wish to return to these days of my bad bloggership.
This week because I really, really need to work on Purpose so it can, indeed, come out in the fall. It still needs about 25,000 words and I have a really great idea to tie into the current story. But it’s not just writing new stuff, which is relatively easy because it’s so exciting. The first couple drafts are so much fun to me, they don’t feel like work. (Of course, they’re such garbage, I then have to put lots of work into them…but I digress.) It’s also making it work with what’s already there. So it needs focus and time.
Which means I will be quiet here until I can get through the difficult parts. Once I get back into revisions, I’ll feel like being creative somewhere and what better place than here? I’m sorry to all two of you who will miss me dearly (I see I just lost someone already). But I promise I’ll be back. And I’ll be much more lively than I have been.
In the meantime, I might have some cool updates regarding Promise and I will keep you updated about them. Otherwise, I hope you’re all enjoying summer, family and vacations. Talk to you soon!