Teaser Tuesday (Sort Of)

How was your long (for you U.S. readers) weekend? Mine was relaxing and a little surreal. You see, I got a big taste of empty nest syndrome. The two college boys (yes, there are two now, ugh) were out of town all last week, making me realize that The Herd (what was once a group of teens always coming and going) is now just The Boy (my youngest, who will be a junior in high school next year). Then said Boy left on Saturday to go to Key West for 10 days with his girlfriend. From Saturday morning to Sunday evening, The Man and I were empty nesters.

And we took full advantage of it.

After doing some quick cleaning, we spent a lazy Saturday reading, writing, revising and taking a couple dips in the pool, then went out for dinner and came home to catch up on Game of Thrones, which we watched until 3 a.m. We stayed in bed until 10:30 or so Sunday (which was awesome! for once, I didn’t have anything that I HAD to do that day), then did what we felt like, which was a lot more sitting around being lazy. And all this time, the house actually stayed clean!

One of the college boys came home Sunday evening, but went out with friends right away, then to the beach on Monday. We grilled for dinner and he and a friend actually ate with us, which these days is a miracle. I loved every minute of it. This weekend was so strange with such an empty (albeit clean) house.

I don’t know what The Man is going to do when the kids are all gone. He said last night that he’d looked forward to this day so we could “have a life,” but sees now that they are our life. He also said he wished we had more. *headdesk*

Anyway, with the long weekend, that makes today a Monday on Tuesday. So it’s only sort of Tuesday, which means you get a sort of Teaser. But FIRST, don’t forget to check out the Blog Tour page and catch up on all the stops. Every stop is giving away an ebook of Devotion PLUS a chance to win a Nook, all of my books signed and a swag bag. All you have to do is comment for an entry, so the more blogs you comment on, the more entries you get!

Okay, the sort-of tease:

Part of that “writing” listed above that I did this weekend had absolutely nothing to do with Tristan and Alexis. In fact, nothing at all to do with any of the Soul Savers. That’s right – I’ve started something new and shiny. I’m so excited to write this one and can’t wait for you to read it! I call it my YOLO project because the tag line (for now anyway) is:

“You only live once…or do you?”

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

So how was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

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5 Responses to Teaser Tuesday (Sort Of)

  1. Lisa Adams says:

    I went to the beach, out on the boat, Kayaking, dinner and dancing. I LIVED this weekend to its fullest! I want another one please….

  2. Alys says:

    Sounds like a great weekend, looking forward to some more info on YOLO!

  3. Janille says:

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! We (my teenage boys and I) for 20-some guests Sat, 8 of whom make up a relay team, and their families. Sunday started early and ended very late…my Man did the canoe leg, so lots of driving from one location to another. Then, drinks on the patio in the warm afternoon…uh, we are talking about 60 F and those who did not put on sunblock did burn!

  4. Lynn Cleland says:

    A rare treat of lots of sunshine and heat here in Northern Ireland (20-25 degrees Celcius). Much of weekend was spent outside soaking up the sun and a bbq as it was too hot to cook in the house. Many people were on the coast so it was beyond thinking of going there as it was nearly standing room only so to speak. Had grandkids over and enjoyed the back garden. Lovely.

  5. Heather says:

    I love that little teaser! My weekend has been fantastic. I’m in Hawaii on a writer’s retreat with two of my best girls!

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