Teaser Tuesday

Just a quick note to let you know that…

After much brainstorming…

And months of bouncing around ideas…

And a poll here on the blog…

And more weeks of deliberation…

We have a title for book 3!

But I can’t tell you quite yet. How’s that for a tease? 😉

Stay tuned. It’ll go up this week. I promise. Want a hint? It ends with “n.” Hehe

P.S. I wrote about my experience as a journalist over on my writer’s blog…if you’re interested.

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5 Responses to Teaser Tuesday

  1. Alba says:

    that is complete and utter torture!!!!!!

  2. You did not announce it yet, you only picked it!I was all excited…. See…you were teasing me! *sticks tongue out at Kristie* hahaha just kidding ya! I am signed up for emails now so I won’t miss anything *smacks forhead* Sometimes I am slow or scraping my windshield. Depends on the day I guess! Going to go find all the suggestions to see what ends in a “n”…..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. *hides head in shame* I SHOULD have read first then opened my big mouth! I know what it is!!!! I peeked. hahahaha I like the name. Now when do I get to read it?

  4. Fun! Titles are so fun to come up with! How are you doing with your presentations and stuff? Is it intimidating? It’s a whole new world out there once you’re on the other side. LOTS More to learn, and it’s not just grammar rules! Ack!

    YA Paranormal Romance Darkspell coming soon!


  5. inga says:

    Looking so much forward reading and reviewing it 🙂
    And I still have no clue what the new title will be 🙂

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