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There’s been a bit of author drama on the interwebz again this week. I’m not sure if they’ve been temporary meltdowns or more cases of Authors Behaving Badly, but either way – dude, be nice to your readers! I love my readers! I adore each and every one of you. I would write even if I had no readers, but ya’ll make it so much more fun. You give me inspiration. You motivate me to put my butt in the chair and write. And most of all, you give me friendship. Even if I’ve never met you or communicated with … Continue reading

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I caught myself doing something absolutely horrible the other day, and it made me wonder how often I do it without realizing. So I’ve been paying more attention for the last few days and am appalled at myself. Now I wonder if I’m the only one or if others have fallen into this same self-defeating trap. Before I can tell you what crime I’ve been committing, let me explain a little about the life of an author. These days, whether self-published, indie published or trad-published, being an author is a business. If we don’t think of ourselves as a business … Continue reading

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