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We’ve heard it time and again – “Kill Your Darlings!” It sounds like such a psychotic phrase. Kill my darlings? As in my babies? These sweet little things I’d give my life for? No, no, NO! Not your human darlings. Sheesh. So what darlings are we talking about? Your writing darlings. (Which can sometimes feel like our human babies, I know, but they’re not really. Human, I mean. You know that, right?) I’ve discovered over the years that this phrase has several different meanings. Killing the Darlings Everyone LovesI think the first time I ever heard “Kill Your Darlings” was … Continue reading

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Our Main Characters get all the glory and all the love and not just in the book. When we discuss our stories, we usually talk about the MCs. When we’re doing dishes or standing in line, we think mostly about what happens next to our MC. When we share writing tips and talk about character development, we tend to focus on how to make our MCs more real. Our MCs can include the hero/heroine and, possibly, their love interest, as well as the antagonist. But what about the rest of the cast? Our MCs have friends, neighbors, parents, children, etc., … Continue reading

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