I hope you’re all enjoying the Genesis Release Tour! Did you see the news? Genesis has been released early in ebook format!

Before I share the next page of the Prologue, I just want to give you all a big THANK YOU!!! Sending out hugs to all of you! And champagne, confetti and cupcakes for everyone! Why? Because Promise is on the Amazon Bestsellers list – THE list – the Top 100 Paid in the whole Kindle Store. As I write this, it’s sitting at #62. Woohoo!!!

By the way, although Purpose still has all of its reviews, Promise lost a bunch with the change to the new edition. So if you’ve read it, I’d love you forever if you’d put up a review. Thank you!

Okay, now back to Genesis and the big tease. If you’re not up to date, you’ll want to read Pages 1, 2 and 3 first. And here’s page 4:

Andrew regained control and now took the offensive. Holding his sword and dagger out in front of him, he charged at the demon, aiming for its chest. The beast swung both of its swords out and locked the Angel’s blades between them. Still gripping the hilts tightly, Andrew flipped over its head and yanked his weapons free. A demon blade pulled loose, too, flying back and carving a gash into Andrew’s thigh. He grimaced as gold blood spurted from the wound. The sweet scent threw the demon into a frenzy.
The two flew at each other and became a blur of tangled limbs and clashing blades. The demon bit with fangs, slashed with talons and sliced with swords, shredding the Angel’s form. Andrew had never faced such a powerful opponent—tonight he might suffer his first loss in two millennia—but he refused to give up easily. He tore into the demon’s thick hide with every swing of his weapons. Splatters of both black blood and gold dotted their faces and bodies.
When Zoe’s screams fell silent, the Angel glanced into the physical realm. Her still body lay on the ground, her dark hair and eyes—staring blind and empty—contrasting with the new paleness of her face. The three figures stood over her with blood-stained lips. At the neckline of Zoe’s tunic, a tiny crimson flower bloomed with the smallest trickle of blood leaking from her throat. They had consumed the rest.
Andrew screamed a protest and his face contorted with rage as he turned to the demon. The evil one lifted the corners of its mouth as if in a grin. Andrew crossed his blades over his head. His wings beat a hard rhythm against the air as he gathered his power and channeled it to the swords. Then with all his might and energy, he swung the blades down and out, slicing through the demon’s neck. Black blood rained over the Angel as the head fell from its body.

Andrew wished he could have killed the evil beast, ended its existence forever, but that was no more possible than the demon being able to kill him. They could be injured to the point of incapacitation, ending that particular battle, but neither would ever die. They were spirits, denizens of the Otherworld since the beginning of time and into eternity. With a growl of defeat, the beast collapsed over its head and its physical form disintegrated into nothing.