Age of Angels Part I: Awakened (Soul Savers, Book 8)

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 The bestselling, award-winning Soul Savers series continues with the launch of Age of Angels, a mini-series of novellas about Alexis, Tristan, and family after the war.

Part I: Awakened

The first and last thing I remember about my entire life happened two seconds ago, when I woke up in the middle of the forest with a group of strangers who claim to be family and friends. I have no idea who they are. In fact, I have no idea who I am.

They say I’m their leader, which makes me laugh, then the scary but sexy one sweeps me in his arms and takes me back to their home against my will. I kick and scream the whole way, though I can’t deny how nice his arms feel around me. He says he’s my second-in-command and my husband, but wouldn’t I remember this man who takes my breath away? And the fact that I have twin babies? I mean, come on. How could I forget that?

The more I learn about all of the challenges these people are facing, the more I question what kind of leader this Alexis person—supposedly me—is. Nobody knows what happened to me, but in a world destroyed by war and black magic, we realize I’ve been cursed.

While they scramble to find an antidote, we’re attacked, and it quickly becomes apparent that if I don’t regain my memories and my power fast, everyone will suffer. Not just these people I’ve been getting to know, but the whole world. Because I’m supposed to lead this new Age of Angels—which just might end before it’s really begun.

Age of Angels Part I: Awakened, Soul Savers Book 8, was previously published as Awakened Angel, Book 7.5. The story is the same but has a new epilogue. Age of Angels Part II: Lost (Book 9) and Age of Angels Part III: Marked (Book 10) are brand new stories that lead up to the saga of the next generation in the all new Knights of Souls and Shadows series, launching in 2021.