Age of Angels Part II: Lost (Soul Savers, Book 9)

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When a portal of darkness opens, do you go through it or run the other way? Sometimes there’s no choice.

Part II: Lost

Sixteen years since the war. Sixteen years since the Age of Angels began. And still, Demons roam the Earth, the dead are more likely to reanimate as zombies than vampires, and black magic permeates our world—doing its best to destroy any progress we make in rebuilding civilization. Through it all, we’ve managed to prevent any more wars, but peace constantly dances on the edge of a blade called desperation. Especially in recent months.

A dark energy is building, advancing around the world and feeding malice and aggression. Demons are changing, growing stronger. Humans are evolving too, gaining dangerous powers they can’t control. If we don’t find the source of this dark energy, war will be inevitable.

When my daughters go missing, an enigmatic portal swirls in the last place they were seen, the same dark power pulsing from its depths. We have no choice but to go through to find them, only to discover the cold, hard truth. Our family has survived so much already, but can it survive this and what’s still to come? Can the world?

Age of Angels Part I: Awakened, Soul Savers Book 8, was previously published as Awakened Angel, Book 7.5. The story is the same but has a new epilogue. Age of Angels Part II: Lost (Book 9) and Age of Angels Part III: Marked (Book 10) are brand new stories that lead up to the saga of the next generation in the all new Knights of Souls and Shadows series, launching in 2021.