Knights of Souls and Shadows

(KOSAS, Book 1)

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First installment of the spinoff series from the award-winning and bestselling Soul Savers Series

Never make a deal with a fae, they say. But sometimes there’s no choice, consequences be damned.

As daughters of the Amadis royal family, my twin Brielle and I should have been helping our people rebuild civilization after the War of Armageddon. Instead, our mother does the unthinkable, possibly sparking a new war, and we’re whisked away to another realm to hide us from our enemies. When we return home, we discover our parents are missing, our people have scattered, and every faction hunts the Knight twins.

Some are obsessed with claiming our formidable power for themselves. Others simply want us dead.

Still, I can’t believe we’re home for less than a day when I end up as Winter Court’s prisoner in Faery. And it only gets worse from there.

To protect my sister, I’ve made a deal with a fae that shatters any hopes for my own future.

A dark prince ignites something in me that feels all wrong and oh, so right.

And then there’s the enchanting princess I ache for . . . yet can never have.

Foes become allies, friends become traitors, and one truth emerges with clarity: war is imminent.

My only hope to protect everyone I love is to harness the dark power within me—a force that can save worlds or annihilate us all. If I fail to control it, someone else will. But to master it, I must face my most daunting opponent yet—myself.

Knights of Souls and Shadows is the spinoff series of the internationally best-selling, award-winning Soul Savers series with over one million books read. You don’t need to read Soul Savers first. This new adventure is a series all on its own, featuring the next generation in their own pursuit to save the worlds—or at least try not to destroy them all.