Well, we are done this year with the NA Crush Tourney. Tristan lost his match yesterday, but you all put up an amazing fight. Abbi Glines herself called you “fierce” and said Tristan definitely made his mark. The numbers were pretty spectacular.

Our match had over 11,370 votes. None of the other matches had over 5,000. Tristan had 22% of the vote in the end, which is about 2,500! Besides Rush, his opponent, only one of the other crushes competing yesterday had more votes (and it wasn’t the #1 seed). From about 8 a.m. EST yesterday morning on, Tristan brought in more of the votes, gaining from 13% to 22%. Pretty damn spectacular in my book.

You all showed up big and loud. People took notice (see that note up there about Abbi – NYT bestseller and totally awesome Abbi Glines!!! – saying something?!). These little books I wrote caught some attention. Readers have added them to their TBR lists. Promise downloads are way up.

And that’s what the tourney is really about – a way for readers to discover new-to-them books and for authors to reach out to new readers. So I call the NA Crush Tourney a huge success!

Thank you from the farthest depths of my heart to the sweet and talented Lisa, Tristan’s advocate, who worked tirelessly to spread the word. I’m forever indebted. And many, many thanks to everyone who supported Tristan with their votes, by promoting the tourney, encouraging others to vote, sharing memes and links, and the countless other things you did throughout the day. You are really the BEST. FANS. EVER!

I thought about writing the wedding scene from Tristan’s POV to share with you anyway, although he didn’t win the tourney. But you know what? There are going to be other opportunities and if I did that – probably one of the best scenes ever – what would I have to dangle in front of your noses next time? *wink*

Seriously, I really think the best way to reward you is to get Wrath out as soon as possible. So rather than take the time to write that scene for Tristan, I’m going to use it to work on this book. I’ll be going dark quite a bit over the next couple of weeks. There’s a very important blog hop coming up on Friday that I hope you’ll participate in – you could win an iPad!!!! But other than that and maybe some Teaser Tuesdays *grin*, I won’t be here much. Hang in there with me. Wrath will be done and in your hands soon!

In the meantime, let’s all show our support to the rockin’ authors at NAAlley.com for putting on this amazing tourney and to the authors who created the sexy beasts. Be sure to vote for all those amazing boyfriends still in the NA Crush Tourney. Don’t know who they are? Well – read the books! Fall in love! Tristan won’t mind…as long as you always come back to him.