Wrath, Soul Savers Book 5, is getting closer and closer to being ready for your eyeballs! I seriously can’t wait for you to read it … and I can’t wait to be done with it. It’s the hardest book I’ve had to write yet, and I want it to be as epic as everyone is hoping for. *grin* I think I’ll be able to give a release date – along with some other news – soon.

For now, how about a tease?
*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!*****
If you haven’t finished Power, DO NOT READ THIS. You’ve been warned.

“Do I need to remind you of your priorities?” Mom asked, her voice curt.
I closed my eyes. “We’re putting our team together and getting the colony settled. We’ll be taking off by tonight, I hope.”
“And where do you plan on going?” Mom asked.
“Um . . . north?” Maybe if she gave her blessing, Charlotte wouldn’t insist on going south.
“Why would you do that?” she asked, although I could tell she already knew the answer. She’d obviously been keeping her sense of truth focused on my actions. But how could she be so cold-hearted? “Alexis, there are people who need you—”
“Dorian needs me.”
“Honey, there are thousands of people’s lives on the line. Their souls are at risk if you don’t do what you’re meant to do.”
“How could I forget? Nobody will let me. But I won’t abandon Dorian. I won’t let this go.”
“I understand. I lived with that fear throughout your childhood. But you have a duty.”
“Why can’t someone else do it? What did you do before me?”
“Everyone else who can convert is already out there. Except you. And now Char.”
I sighed as guilt poked me in the side. “I just need a little time, Mom. Let me go after Dorian, get him back, and then I’ll do whatever the Amadis want me to do.”
“I really wish I could, honey. Believe me. But these are your people. They look up to you. They need to see that you can lead. That you will do what needs to be done for them and all we stand for. A waver like this from our primary creed will create a lot of distrust that you may never be able to rebuild.”
“And abandoning my own son won’t? How can they trust me to stay true to them if I can’t do so for my own child?”
“You know how they feel about Dorian. About any Amadis son. And choosing one soul over all others—especially one that we know has no hope in the end—”
My temper flared. “There is always hope! And I won’t give up on him, Mom. I can’t believe you and Rina gave up on Noah so easily. He was her son. Your twin. How couldyou?”