Oops! I missed a few Teaser Tuesdays, didn’t I? I’ve been working frantically in the writing and editing cave on both The Space Beyond and The Space Within. The Space Beyond’s release is less than a month! EEEEEEEPPPPP! I can’t wait! Here’s a little tease to whet your appetite:


“Why don’t you take a seat?” Mira offered, and she waited for Brock and Asia to sit before continuing. “This won’t take long. We have a few things to share with the four of you. Melinda and Uri wanted a couple of Guides to sit in on this chat, and since Theo and I were here today, we thought now was as good of a time as ever.”
Leni took my hand under the table. I shared her anxiety. Low at the moment, but Mira’s tone had us on edge.
Melinda leaned forward, resting her forearms on the wooden conference table. “Can we see your marks?”
I wasn’t the only one who hesitated, but after a silent moment, we all lifted our arms above the table.
“Have you noticed anything different about your marks from the other Guardians’?” Uri asked.
My brows pushed together.
“I’ve never noticed anyone else’s marks,” Leni said. Exactly.
“Exactly,” Uri echoed my thoughts. “Because everyone else’s is on their necks or heads. Out of sight.”
The four of us on this side of the table each squirmed a bit in our chairs.
“Why are we different?” Asia asked.
Uri and Melinda glanced at each other, then exchanged another look with Mira and Theo. Theo nodded.
“Mira and I are simply Guides, and we only know what’s been passed down to us by other Guides,” he said, “but from what we know and what many of the Guardians are saying, your marks are different because your souls are different. We all believe you’re part of the Sacred Seven.”
We stared at him silently.
“And … what’s the Sacred Seven?” I asked when no one else did.
“We’re not entirely sure,” Mira said, “but—”
“Wait,” Brock said, holding a hand up. “What do you mean you’re not entirely sure? How do you say something like that and not know what it is?”
“Details have been lost over the centuries,” Theo said. “We try to keep records to help future Guides and Guardians, but they’re always destroyed in some way or another. The only thing we know for sure is that the seven are called sacred for a reason. You’re the elite. The leaders of the Phoenix Guardians.”
“And Jacquelena and Jeremicah are the leaders of the Seven,” Uri added.

The Space Beyond
Part Two of The Book of Phoenix
Release Date: May 19, 2014
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Hearts break. Souls shatter. Love lies in The Space Beyond.
As members of the Phoenix, Jeric and Leni are thrust into their new lives, expected to lead Earth’s Guardians. But Leni struggles with trusting her own soul, and Jeric is more concerned about keeping Leni safe than meeting others’ demands. When Darkness swarms Lake Haven, they embark on their first mission with little preparation and no idea which soul the Dark hunts.
Born and raised in Lake Haven, Bex hopes to escape her small-town life, ideally in the arms of her soul mate. She knows he exists, and her heart aches with the need to find him. When her long-lost mama calls to announce she’s knockin’ on death’s door, Bex reluctantly makes the trip to see the uncaring bitch (bless her heart), only to be knocked off her feet by the sexy and charming Dr. Mason Hayes. Is he really The One?
Leni’s soul felt an instant connection to Bex, but if Bex found her soul mate, she isn’t their mission. So who is, and why does Leni instinctively feel drawn to her? Can Leni even trust her intuition? And will Jeric step up and lead when the time comes or continue to hold them back?
If they don’t learn to trust themselves and each other quickly, Darkness will claim them all…along with the rest of Earth’s souls.
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