Has it really been a week since I last posted? Sheesh. Where did the week go? And what happened to April anyway? I swear I’ve been cheated out some days. *looks around to see where they’re hiding*

Actually, my hours, days, nights, weeks…and so on…have been chock full of awesome stuff. For one, I actually let myself have a life two weekends in a row. Not just one day of the weekend. Not just one weekend. I played and hung out with family and friends for TWO. WHOLE. WEEKENDS. Unheard of since I started this gig called writing.

Of course, now I have lots of catching up to do. And you probably really don’t care about all that, right? You’re here to see what I’m teasing you with this time and are tapping your foot impatiently for me to get to the point. Yeah, I see you.

This week’s tease is one word:


We are making over all kinds of things and it’s so freakin’ exciting. This includes:

New Soul Savers Series Logo!

And this:

New Swag! Tote bags, key chains, notebooks, pens, magnets and coffee cups.

And more new looks to come, including this website, the book websites and the series website. But for now, we’re working on a Top Sekrit Project that must be done before anything else can be re-done. I can’t say what it is – hence, the Top Sekrit name – but let me just say one thing. If you have Promise and/or Purpose paperbacks with the flower covers, hold onto them. They might be (maybe, probably not, but you never know) valuable one day.