I’m often asked who I would cast as my characters, and it’s a question I refuse to answer directly. For one, there isn’t a single actor I’d choose for Alexis or Tristan or Owen. It’s more like, “So-and-so’s eyes but this other person’s lips and this other one’s nose and that one’s body. But narrower (or wider or sharper or whatever).” They exist in my imagination, so there’s not really one person out there who would be the perfect Tristan, Alexis or Owen.

Also, the image the reader conjures might be completely different than mine. I want the reader to envision her own “Mr. Beautiful,” not be told what mine looks like. It’s a more personal experience, I think, if readers are given some basics to start with (eye and hair color, body type, etc.) and then create their own hero and heroine from there.

Anyway, this is Teaser Tuesday not let’s-get-philosophical-about-appearances, and boy, do I have a tease for you. It kind of goes along with the giveaway I’m doing on the Facebook page. Post a name or photo of who you would cast as Tristan and you could win an ebook of Devotion.

And although I won’t give you a face, I will give you this to get your, uh, brain pumping. Yeah. Uh-huh. Right. Well, once you wipe the drool off your chin and keyboard, go find who you think fits Tristan and post it on the Facebook wall. Or, just sit here and stare. I don’t care. But don’t miss the excerpts below the beauty…

Um, no tattoo, but otherwise…Hello, Tristan in Devotion!

“I’m supposed to concentrate with you in that?” Tristan asked, his eyes traveling up and down my body. I couldn’t help it. I shivered.

“Ditto,” I muttered and forced myself to tear my eyes from his very bare, very lickable chest. 


I was never one who found guys in leather pants sexy, but Tristan changed my mind. At least, for him. The leather didn’t cling to him as it did me, but fit him like jeans, accentuating the curve of his perfect ass, but not in a porn-star kind of way.