If you remember, October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I did my second annual Share the <3 (#sharetheluv) campaign to raise money for the The National Domestic Violence Hotline. I pledged to match all donations my readers and followers made if they sent me their donation receipts. I heard through the grapevine, however, to wait until December to make my donation because the Avon Foundation for Women would be matching all donations made this month.

Soooo…I’m going to wait until the end of this month now because I hope more people might be able to donate and I will add that to my total. Know what’s really cool if you donate this month through this link? Your donation will be quadrupled! Whatever you donate, Avon will match it, I will match it, and Avon will match my donation, so your $5 could turn into $20:

$5 from you
+ $5 from Avon’s match of your donation
+ $5 from me matching your donation
+ $5 from Avon’s match of my match
= $20!

Do you know how many more calls can be answered because of your original $5 donation??? How many lives can be saved?! I set my goal at $1,000 because I always shoot high, but if we don’t make it, anything and everything helps.

I understand the holiday season means budgets are tight, so no worries if you can’t give anything right now. I’ll still love you. *grin* But if there is any possible way you can pitch in even $5 to this worthy cause, you could be helping a family that has been living in fear and in physical and emotional pain. You could be giving the gift of life and security. Just something to think about this holiday season as you’re snuggling with your own family next to the brightly lit Christmas tree, rather than hiding from the person who’s supposed to love you most.