What’s going on with the Soul Savers Series and The Book of Phoenix series? When’s the next book coming out? What have you been doing, Ms. Kristie? Everyone has been waiting for news, and here it is. Sort of.

Let me start by saying, late last year, as I was planning out the rest of The Book of Phoenix series and the Soul Savers Series, I realized I had a bit of a dilemma. Both series needed to have books out this year. Both series have only two more books left to complete them. And for both series, I didn’t want readers to have to wait too long for the last book because the second-to-last ones end on cliffhangers. As in, if you think I’ve left you on cliffhangers before, you have NO IDEA what I’m capable of. Mwahahaha! And although that was my evil laugh, I honestly don’t like to be too awfully evil. I didn’t want to make you wait 8 months to a year to find out how everything ends, and that’s what happens when I alternate between the series.

Soooo…what does this mean? It means The Space Beyond and The Space Within will be released back-to-back, and Soul Savers #6 and Soul Savers #7 (titles yet to be announced) will also be released back-to-back. The Book of Phoenix series will be completed first, and they’ll release within 6-8 weeks of each other. Later this year, the Soul Savers Series will be completed, and they’ll release within 4-6 weeks of each other.

Yes, this means you have to wait a while for Soul Savers #6. I know. That sucks. BUT, I want to make sure it and #7 are as fabulous as I can possibly make them so that the wait will be worth it. PLUS, you won’t have to wait very long between 6 and 7. I hope that makes up for it. Please say that makes up for it.

And while you’re waiting for those, you get to finish The Book of Phoenix series. I love this series and the characters in it so much. They go through so much real-life and paranormal heartbreak and mending. If you haven’t started it yet with The Space Between, now’s a good time to do so. After all, you won’t be waiting long for the rest of the series.

So what are the release dates? Heh. Probably my most favorite and least favorite message from fans would be: “When’s the next book coming out???? I’m dying!!!” It’s my most favorite because I’m thrilled people are actually excited to read more of my writing. Seriously – I never expected such interest and support, and I’m just blown away by it all.

It’s my least favorite for several reasons. First of all, I hope nobody is seriously dying to find out what happens next. That would make me very sad. Secondly, I feel like I’m answering the question constantly. People say, “I haven’t seen anything anywhere about the next book, so…” and I feel like that’s all I’m talking about to the point of thinking I sound like a robot on a stuck program. LOL

And, finally and most importantly, the reason I don’t have anything official posted is because I don’t know release dates until … well, I know them. I hate giving a vague answer, but I’ve learned the hard way to not post a release date until I know for sure that it will be met. This not only means that I can meet my deadlines, but also that beta readers, cover designers, bloggers, editors, proofreaders, formatters, retailers, etc., are able to schedule everything. AND, we have to know we’ll meet the release date even if life emergencies happen, which they do. So…I’ve learned to hold back on sharing specific dates until we know that, barring the zombie apocalypse, we’ll be able to release on or very close to that date (I’ve been to known release early).

With all of that said…I do have release news! Newsletter subscribers get the specifics first, including preorder news, and that will be going out tonight, so if you haven’t subscribed, here’s the form. Otherwise, I’ll be sharing the info here on the blog in the next few days.

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