Many of you joined in on all the fun with the release of the newsletter last week, followed by celebrating 2,500+ “Likes” on the Facebook page. If you were in on that, then all of this is old news and you have my permission to go do something more interesting. Like watching that bird sing “Bodies on the Floor.” Much more entertaining than what I have here.

But if you missed out because you don’t subscribe to the newsletter and want to know what’s going on in the writing life of Author Kristie Cook for 2013 (ugh – sounds like a crappy documentary), I’m making my news “official” because I’m posting it on the blog for the world to see. Here’s what everyone else found out last week because they, well, subscribe. (Yeah, that’s a passive-aggressive push to get you to subscribe to my newsletter. Subtle much? Nah.)

Title and Release Date News
I’ve been talking for months now about the “new book” and the “new series,” but now I can stop. Because the “new book” has a title so I can call it by name now. We also have a release date.

Coming April 5, 2013

Series name, description and even a cover are coming very, very soon. Newsletter subscribers will see them first. *nudge*

Event News
I will be at the London Book Fair April 15-17 and traveling throughout the UK April 18-21. Signings, meet-and-greets, cities, dates and times will be announced as soon as we have everything nailed down. Oh, and guess who will know about it first? That’s right – newsletter subscribers. *ahem*

I’ll also be at RT Booklovers Conference in Kansas City May 1-5. They haven’t decided yet whether to put me in the Thursday evening signing or the book fair on Saturday, so I could be signing either the 2nd or the 4th. I’ll let you know as soon as we have the date and time confirmed.

Soul Savers News
If you love audiobooks, the Purpose audiobook should be out next month! Devotion and Power will be following over the next few months.

We have a special Soul Savers surprise coming in September or October. Details will be announced soon and we’ll be asking for reader participation. So watch for the news! Guess where it will be? *elbow jab*

Hmm…there was something else in the newsletter that you might want to know. I can’t think of it at the moment. Something about Soul Savers Book 5. Was it a title? No. Excerpts? Well, not exactly. Those went up on the Facebook page. *poke – go follow that page too* What was it? Oh, yeah! I got it! A release date!

Soul Savers Book 5
Coming June 21, 2013

No title yet – still trying to decide between two. And no cover either. Those will be announced in… yeah, you guessed it. The newsletter! You finally caught on, huh? *snicker*

In case getting the news early isn’t enough incentive to subscribe, here’s another – subscribers got an exclusive excerpt from The Space Between that I won’t be posting here. So go subscribe before you miss out on anything else. I promise, I only send out once a month at the most unless there’s some kind of absolute urgent news (early release?) you must know. And those are balanced out by the months I have nothing to say. At all. It happens.

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In appreciation for you reading all of this wonderfully entertaining news and putting up with my begging you to subscribe, I won’t make you hunt for the bird video. It’s just too good for you to miss (and I don’t even like birds).

P.S. The hard pressure sales begging requesting you to subscribe is just in fun. I personally am fine if you don’t subscribe. Hopefully you’ll get the news elsewhere. I just think, if you’re the type of person who wants to stay up on things, subscribing is in your best interest. *grin*