This happened…

I am back from utopYA Con 2014 on a total high. It was such an amazing experience, even without the award. If there is any possible chance you can make it next year, I recommend it to all writers (published or not), bloggers, and readers. It’s not just a conference – it’s an experience.

Anyway, THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Tristan! This wouldn’t have happened without you, the readers and fans. You all amaze me and totally rock my world. You all have my heartfelt love and appreciation.

In related news, Tristan is once again part of the New Adult Crush Tourney at NA Alley. Eek! He went to the second round last year. How far can we get him this year? He gets a bye for the first round, so his first match is on July 8. If you’re interested in helping out, our advocate, Inga at Me and Reading, has formed a special street team – #KnightRiders. Anyone can join. Here’s the link:

And talking about hot fictional men, S.T. Bende, author of the super-amazing Elsker Saga and creator of the to-die-for Ull, and I are hosting an event tonight on Facebook that you must come to. Seriously. It’s going to be epic, especially if you like hot guys. And prizes. There will be giveaways. Join us for a fab and fun time that will lead to incredible dreams. SHH…Super Sekrit Hottie Event

I’ll be keeping you up-to-date on the Crush Tourney. If you want to follow the brackets, here’s the link: Thank you in advance for your votes! *big unabashed grin*