I’m working hard on drafting the fourth book of the Soul Savers Series, plus getting ready for the RT Booklovers Convention in Chicago in April (hope to see you there!). I’m way overwhelmed and  seriously need to focus. Something needs to come off my plate for a little while, so…

I’m going dark here on the blog.

I’ll pop in with any news and announcements that come up. I might poke my head in and say “hi,” as well, when I have a moment. But, for now, there won’t be any rhyme and reason to my posts. The normal schedule of Teaser Tuesday, Writer Wednesday and Foodie Friday will be put on hold.

Since promotions and friendships and life go on, however, I’ll still be hanging out over on Facebook and occasionally on Twitter, just not as much as normal (that’s the plan anyway). So if you really miss me (haha!), be sure to catch me over there.

Before I go, here’s a little bit of a tease:

  • Book 4 has several chapters.
  • Book 4 has a few different title ideas, one of which will be chosen soon.
  • Book 4 will be released sometime this year.

Sorry – that’s all I have for now. Getting back to the writing so I can have more for you in the future.

While you’re here, I’d love to see a “Hi!” or a “Keep going!” or a “We miss you!” Or even a “Wait – you’re gone? Par-tay!”  I just like to see you’ve stopped by, so please feel free to leave a comment. 🙂