The book bloggers have a meme called In My Mailbox where they brag about share all the awesome books they received the previous week. Well, I’m not a book blogger, just an author. I don’t get all that great loot…except for the past week or two. And I’m so excited, I have to share!

What I’ve received in the past couple weeks:

  1. Eldala by Michelle Gregory – signed by the author!!!
  2. Insight by Jamie Magee – signed by the author!!!
  3. Wrecker by Dave Conifer – signed by the author!!!
  4. New Soul Savers stuff – bookmarks and – LOOK! – a beautiful coffee mug!!! I’m so excited about it that I’m afraid to actually drink coffee out of it.
  5. Handmade jewelry – necklace, earrings, bracelet and anklet – from a reader! Isn’t it gorgeous?! Autumn at Midnight Creations created these. Yes, they’re purple and black (and green). 😀 Autumn’s just getting started in selling her crafts and will custom-make whatever colors you want.

I bought all these – I didn’t get free ARCs or anything. I think I’m supposed to disclose this. I’m not sure, but all the book bloggers do, so thought I would just in case. Just wanting to be a kool kid. 😉

After the signing at B&N tomorrow (where I will be picking up a special letter edition of City of Fallen Angels!), we’re heading over to Borders (yeah, I know, ironic) to see what they have left. It closes for good on Sunday. So sad. But hopefully we’ll be able to snag a few more good buys.

Did you get anything good this week? Any good reads?