The Space Between is all set for an early release of the ebooks! That’s right – we’re pretty much ready to go. And I’m dying to hit the PUBLISH button. But how early it gets clicked depends on how many new Likes I can get on my author Facebook page in the next day or two (or three or four…).

We surpassed 3,000 yesterday. We’re up to over 3,040 now. For every 100 new Likes over 3,000 up until the official release date (4/5), I’m giving away a $20 gift card to Amazon or B&N. If we can get the momentum moving fast and early, you might be able to start reading The Space Between this weekend!

So if you’re on Facebook and don’t already Like the page, please do. If you know anyone else who enjoys discussing books, encourage them to Like it, too. Hopefully I’ll be announcing the first $20 winner soon and many more after that. And hopefully you’ll get to read The Space Between very, very soon.