Do you listen to audiobooks? There’s a growing trend of people who do and not only during work commutes anymore. They’re a convenient way to “read” more books when you don’t have time to sit and actually read or for when you get motion sickness from reading in a car or on a train. People have told me they listen to them while doing housework, cooking, giving themselves a mani/pedi, sitting in school pickup lines, grocery shopping, taking their daily walks, and even during more strenuous workouts.

I’m not personally a huge listener of them. My commute from bed to office is about 30 steps across my house – about long enough for a narrator to spit out a sentence. Maybe two. That would take forever to finish the book! When I’m actually doing something actively, I try to be in the present since so much of my time is spent in other worlds with “fictional” (don’t tell them!) people.

But I am intrigued by this idea of listening while working out. I usually like fast and hard music to boost my excitement and energy levels, but people who listen to audiobooks say they end up working out longer because they’re so involved in the story. Hmmm…that’s intriguing, especially for someone who watches the minutes for when I can finally be done. Of course, this wouldn’t work for certain types of workouts, like zumba, tennis, or swimming. Haha! But for a run? On the treadmill, step-climber, or bike? I can see the possibilities…  Or should I say “hear” them? I might have to give it a go.

How about you? Do you listen to audiobooks? If so, when? What are you usually doing? Any recommendations? I need to download some and give this idea a try.

If you didn’t know, all of my Soul Savers books to date (except Genesis) are on audiobook, available at,, and iTunes.