A couple of weeks ago, I announced in my newsletter that The Man and I had bought this get-up.


Awesome, yeah? Well, there’s a plan behind this major purchase. I have several author/reader conferences this summer and several more to come next year and beyond. But I understand that many people can’t make it to these events for various reasons, so I thought, “Hey, maybe I can come to you!” Since I’ll be on the road anyway, why not see what readers are in the areas I’ll be in so we can plan a get-together?

This is a chance for you, your friends or book club, and me to hang out and discuss books, ask and answer questions, get your books signed, buy some cool stuff, and win some, too. For now, I’m looking at the following places for the months of June and July:

  • Northern Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • Northern Alabama
  • Northern Mississippi
  • Arkansas
  • Missouri
  • Kentucky
  • Southern Illinois
  • Southern Indiana

If you’re in any of these locations, and you’d like to help me host a meet-and-greet, please complete this interest form. This is not a commitment for either of us – just a way for me to gather information on anyone’s interest so I can make a decision on my routes. I’ll be in touch soon to see what we might be able to pull together.

If you’re not in these areas, don’t fret. I’ll be adding others for late August/September, and more for next year. Stay tuned!