Caught up in rewrites and edits, I forgot to post this blog! Shame on me! This one will be a quickie because there will be another to follow later today. I’ll explain in a minute. First, this post is all about love for other blogs and bloggers. I have learned and laughed from so many other bloggers and in the past couple weeks, I’ve also won a couple things! Woot! So here’s my shout-out and thanks, plus an announcement about a fun blog-fest that’s already started and ends midnight tomorrow night (2/2).

Thank you to Eisley Jacobs and her blog, Eisley’s Ellipses ( for the great prize, THE 39 CLUES. This was a random drawing Eisley held for her blog readers and I was chosen. Speaking of random…when we participate in social media, we meet all kinds of random people. Many are quite scary, but sometimes we get lucky and meet a few lovely peeps. Eisley is one of those. I met her on Twitter and she is one of the loveliest people I know-but-don’t-know. Follow her blog for another perspective on the life of an aspiring writer.

Another Thank You to Cornell Deville ( for hosting the contest “Openings.” PURPOSE won the contest for the best first paragraph of 50 entries. Thanks to all my voters, too, for your support, and to the commenters for helping me make it even better. Cornell Deville is a new blog, but, dude, they are busy, busy. There’s already another contest posted for best query letter, judged by a literary agent. There is also great information provided on the site, so if you’re a writer, you need to check it out.

Finally…it’s Blog Fest time. I’m participating in my first ever fest, which is a Fight Scene Blog Fest. Bloggers will be posting fight scenes, either from their own books (published and not) or from other books and movies. It should be a lot of fun. Check out those participating here: Since this is my first time, I’ll be sneaking a peek at what others posted before posting my own scene later today, but it will be something only a few people have ever read…or maybe something out of my newest WIP (work in progress) that only ONE person has read so far. So get a sneak peek into PURPOSE or the next book coming later today.

That’s all for now! I need to go figure out which scene I’m going to post and will be back later…