The Promise real-life release party was a blast. I wish you all could have been there. Maybe next time? A few fun pics to share:
These beauties were my very first readers, before I ever really thought about publishing my writing. That book I’m holding is a beautiful scrapbook they made for me. Did I cry? Of course! I love these girls.
A few members of the herd of teens. I wasn’t kidding about them! This is the core group – minus my oldest’s girlfriend and a couple friends of my youngest – but there are usually others around, too. (Back row, first three from the left are mine. And I’m in 2 1/2″ heels!)
My lovely business partner, Chrissi, and me. Yes, we love confusing our clients with our names. Not really.
Readers checking out their books. 🙂
Friends enjoying the Promise cupcake…and other refreshments.