As many times as readers have asked, I have tried to stick to my self-imposed rule that I won’t cast my characters and you won’t ever see my main characters’ faces on my covers. Because I want you, the reader, to create your own images. I provide enough description to get you started, but you get to fill in the blanks how you want them to look. I just think it makes for a better reading experience.

I also think this is especially true for the male lead, because I don’t want to force my image of Mr. Beautiful on you. You may not like him. But, well, I can’t help but share something because last night was amazing and you’ll see why in a minute.

Just know this: This is the closest you’re ever going to get from me for Tristan.

Soooo…here we go.

Over three years ago, back when I was writing Promise/Purpose (one book at the time), I was at 7-11 and saw this picture on the front of a Latin tabloid. And I may or may not have said out loud, “Tristan! What are you doing on that tabloid?!?”

I made a mental note of the name, came straight home and immediately Googled it: William Levy Gutierrez. A Cuban actor who lived in Miami and was on Telemundo soaps. I printed off several photos* and they are now all wavy from my drool. If you’re a long-time follower, you may remember this teaser post, in which I shared this picture:

A few months or so after my “discovery,” he appeared in a J Lo video. Now, he’s finally getting noticed by the mainstream (and has since dropped the Gutierrez). You may have seen him on Dancing With the Stars this season. If not…

O.M.G. Look at what you’re missing!

*panting* *fans self* *watches again because I can’t help it* *tries to calm heart* *call 911 – overheating over here!*

Can he be any sexier?!?! I think not.

And that’s your tease for today. Enjoy. 🙂

*I had decided back then that upon further investigation, he’s not quite Tristan. Nobody in real life is, because Tristan is my Mr. Beautiful – and yours. But I think Mr. Levy serves nicely as a visual stand-in. What do you think?