This week’s Teaser Tuesday comes from Promise. It’s not a particularly exciting passage, but there’s a reason I’m sharing it. See, Alexis and Sophia, her mother, don’t celebrate Christmas like most people. Sophia started these traditions when she herself was young and alone for the holidays. Here’s a couple paragraphs about it, then I’ll explain why I’m sharing it. You’ll want to know. Trust me.

Christmas Day was the best Mom and I ever had. After delivering the cakes to a homeless shelter and nursing homes, we drove around, scoping out opportunities for random acts of kindness. The first one came when we saw a lady and four small children clambering out of a car. She tried to unload gifts from her old station wagon, while keeping the kids out of the street. Tristan and I carried the gifts to the house for her while Mom helped her with the kids. Tristan slipped her something as we left and she stared after us, her mouth hanging open with shock. He did the same thing each time we helped someone. I didn’t ask about it because that was the point of the day, but I knew when we stopped at a convenience store.
We’d just bought drinks and the man behind us argued with the clerk about why his credit card didn’t work at the pump. He carried on about how he needed to get to Miami to see his kids for Christmas. Tristan tucked something into my hand, nodded at the man and strode out of the store. I looked at the folded one-hundred-dollar bill in my hand, smiled and stepped over to the man at the counter.

“Here, go see your kids,” I whispered. I placed the bill in his hand and hurried out the door before he could stop me. We took off as soon as I was in the car. When I looked back, both the man and the clerk stood outside, watching after us.

Other parts of the chapter explain it more, but basically, Sophia and Alexis make Christmas a birthday celebration and spend the day doing what they believe the Birthday Boy would do – random acts of kindness in the spirit of paying it forward. Tristan just takes it another step, since he has the means and all.

The Purpose virtual release party will be taking this pay-it-forward and random-acts-of-kindness approach. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow, including the prizes. And there will be lots! For now, be sure you’re “with” me all over the interwebz, because you’ll never know where and how winners will be chosen (it’s random, peeps!).

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