OMG, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve made even a simple post. So sorry for the disappearing act, lovelies! And thank you for being so loyal even when I go MIA.

To be honest, the fight between this book and me rivals that of a fight between Alexis and Vanessa. I’m Alexis, by the way, trying to shoot all kinds of exciting sparks and goodness into it, and Book 4 is Vanessa, biting back and about to drain me dry. Purpose was emotionally difficult to write, but this one has been my hardest in every other aspect.

I know many of you (ok, some, alright, a few of you?) are excited for August 24th, but at this point, it’s this big, scary monster looming over me, threatening to end the world if I don’t give it what it wants – Book 4. Of course, the world won’t end if I don’t – in fact, it pretty much won’t even notice – which I have to keep reminding myself because sometimes this book is my world.

So as that date draws closer, I’ll probably grow even quieter, at least until I feel the battle has been won and it’s good to go. Then again, there are lots of things to be excited about and share with you, so I may not shut up.

In other words, you’ve been warned that erratic behavior may ensue. I’m an author. I never claimed to be sane.

So…anyway…how would you like a cover and title reveal? Will that make you happy? Well, whether it does or not, you’re not getting it here anyway. Bwahahaha! How’s that for a tease this Tuesday? You’ll have to wait until next week.


If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll get it in your email inbox later tonight or tomorrow morning. (If you’re not, you just have to type your email address into that box at the top-left, right under the scrolling books.)

I know I’ve been promising this for a while, but it’s not just the story that’s been kicking my butt. The cover design and even the title have, too. Nothing to do with Brenda Pandos’s awesome design skills – the problem has been my vision, or lack thereof, for the cover. But we finally pulled together a fab cover that is all the more beautiful thanks to Brenda.

Here, I’ll give you a little peek for Teaser Tuesday:

 Whoop! That’s all you get for now, though. Hehehehe Stay tuned!