You asked and you shall receive.
Lots of readers have asked me when I’m going to start a street team. I have a small, core group of major fans who have gone way above and beyond for me and my books, but there are so many more of you who’d like to show your support by being more involved. So I did it – I started a street team!

Are you one of these big fans? Do you love the Soul Savers and the Book of Phoenix series? Do you think readers around the world deserve to know about these books? Can you help spread the word?

If you answered “yes” to all of these, you might want to become a member of Kristie’s Warriors!
Kristie’s Warriors is my brand new street team made up of readers who love my books and are committed to doing what they can to tell the world about them. We have a Warriors Creed and to be initiated, each member must take the Warrior’s Pledge. As a member, you participate in Missions and Operations that help spread the word about my books, my characters and me as an author. Our first major task starts next week – Operation #KnightRiders to support Tristan in the NA Crush Tourney! (Of course, you can support him anyway – but that’s another post coming soon.)
Missions are mainly internet-based, so you can participate without leaving your computer. They will be as easy as posting on Facebook, Tweeting, and commenting on blog posts, but can be more extensive, such as creating a meme, taking and sharing a picture of a book in the wild, and getting a business card from your local bookstore or library. Most tasks are individual but some will be done as a team – be ready to state your preference of Amadis or Daemoni.
In exchange, Warriors are the first to receive any book and author news (even before newsletter subscribers), participate in exclusive events and fun competitions, and are awarded with special swag. For example, be the first to see the next book’s cover or to read an excerpt, or receive presents like bags, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and more! We have all kinds of exciting plans for this group.
To keep the group manageable, Kristie’s Warriors has limited space available. If you’re interested in showing your support, please complete the form below. Don’t delay – I expect this to fill up quickly.
Before you complete the form, be sure you agree to The Warriors’ Creed!

The Warriors’ Creed

  • I believe Author Kristie Cook is among my favorite authors.
  • I believe Kristie Cook’s books are among my favorite books.
  • I believe readers around the world deserve to know about and enjoy Kristie Cook’s books.
  • I believe in putting forth my best effort in helping spread the word.
  • I believe Kristie’s Warriors is a place for reader camaraderie and support, for friendship, and first and foremost, for coordination and support of our Primary Objective: Tell the World About Kristie Cook’s Books!
  • I believe in supporting others with positive and constructive messages, even when we disagree, and that negative communication is only harmful to ourselves and to others.
  • I believe in upholding the highest of ethics and moral standards, which includes honesty, loyalty, empathy, service, fairness, personal and group honor.

If The Warriors’ Creed is for you and you want to be a part of Kristie’s Warriors, please fill out the following form.