Last week I asked you all to tell me where you think CJ (the co-publisher) and I should have dinner in Miami and nobody responded. I’m going to assume that it’s not because you don’t love me or care if I stuff horrid food in my body, but that, like us, you just couldn’t decide which one you would pick. One is known as a favorite stand-by. The other sounded delish, but a little risky.

But no worries! We decided to brave it out and try the brand-spanking-new Eating Place Miami. It’s the first pop-up restaurant we’ve ever been to. Don’t know what a pop-up is? Have you heard of a pop-up bookstore? It’s like that. No? Well, they come in on a temporary basis, either for some specific purpose (season) or as a test-drive. In this case, it’s a test-drive.

I got a picture with a Chopped Champ!!!
Chef/Owner of Eating House Giorgio Rapicavoli.
As far as the service – REMARKABLE.

See, chef and co-owner Giorgio Rapicavoli is a Chopped champion (yes! for real!) and he used his winnings (watch episode) to give this restaurant-ownership-thing a try. And based on our experience and others’, I think he and his roommate/business partner are going to do quite well.

Because It.Was.Ahhhh.Maaaaazzzzz.Ing.

Seriously, a total delight for the taste buds. I so wish I could share some with you but, honestly, even if I had some sitting in front of me, I don’t think I’d bring myself to share. The best you get is a photo essay.

Roasted Bone Marrow – escargot/black truffle
ragu, marrow toast, grey salt
Homestead Tomatoes – lime, ginger, nuoc cham
(fish sauce), peanuts, frozen coconut milk,
herbs, local flowers

Fried Chicken Thighs – buttermilk waffles,
house smoked maple, candied bacon, hot sauce-ranch
Paccheri [Pasta] – 24 hour braised short rib,
berkshire pork belly, black truffle, crispy sage, bread crumbs

My faves were the fried chicken thighs and the paccheri. Divine. This article called the food an orgasm for the mouth, and I think CJ and I agree the chicken thighs are definitely moan-out-loud good. And then came…

The. Best. Damn. Dessert. EVER.

EVER I tell you!
(and it doesn’t even have chocolate in it – whowouldathunk?)

‘Breakfast’ – Cap’n Crunch mousse, milk panna cotta,
candied Cap’n Crunch, taha’s vanilla bean salt

OMG, my mouth is watering. I’m so ready to go back. If just for that dessert. And if you read that article, you’ll see that they sometimes also offer a whipped Nutella and banana foster dessert. I don’t know what I’d do if both were on the menu at once. I’d be too weak-kneed (and stuffed) to leave on my volition, that’s for sure.

If you’re ever in Miami (there are lots of bookish events every year!), you must go visit Giorgio, his roomie and his sister, who provided us with fantabulous service. And you must call me because I will definitely meet you there!

Here are the deets:
Facebook: Eating House Miami
Twitter: @eating_house