If you haven’t noticed until now, my blog has gone through a makeover. Actually, my whole site has, including moving back to being a self-hosted site. This actually happened quite a few months ago, but as with all relocations, there’s been some snags and important stuff to learn about my new home. So this post is simply a test to see what’s in working order. Hopefully everything, because there’s been TONS of news to share with you and more to come.

For now, if you see this, I wouldn’t mind a quick comment just so I know someone’s been here. 🙂 Thank you!

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8 Responses to Testing…1,2

  1. Leslie P says:

    It works! Hi!!!

  2. Jan Kaiser says:

    Saw it! Love it! Counting down to February!!!! ❤️

  3. Ready for Faith! Totally can not wait!

  4. Daneane says:

    Cannot wait to read “Faith”! Counting the days!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yep it works we are here x

  6. Kristi Thomas says:

    I’m a terrible fan! I almost never read this and just your Facebook! I have a good reason though – no internet or laptop so I was just using my phone. Now I have both back and am loving reading your posts!

  7. dee says:

    Can’t wait until next book is out. Please do Finnish them. Please carry on with these books I love reading them all. Must be more you can do with them please.

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