Eek! Curses, Fates & Soul Mates will be out in less than 2 weeks! This project has been so much fun to work on with the other authors (how could it not be – they’re full of awesome!) and we’re all excited for the release. I just know it’s going to be a success. I mean, how can you beat 5 fab novels for only 99c? That’s the launch price, although it won’t last for long. You might want to get your pre-order in now.

Yep, we have pre-order links. Pick your poison:

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Unfortunately, we can’t get Nook to work with us on a pre-order button. But no worries – the box set will be live there by release day on Feb. 17.

The Space Between is featured in the box set, which means I’ve been buckling down on The Book of Phoenix #2, The Space Beyond. How about a little Teaser Tuesday? (It’s still very rough. No judging, please.)

From Jeric:

Mat’s essence darted through the water until he was in my face. “Get off your self-righteous high horse and do what you’re supposed to do, Jeremicah. You chose this, remember? We all did in the Space Between. So buck up and be the leader everyone needs. Or, at least, do your god-damned job so the rest of us can do ours and maybe actually live a while longer. You keep this up, and you’ll get us all killed. Including your own dyad.”
I stared at Mat’s form, seething.
“Kel, call your bitch off,” I growled.
Mat glared at me for a moment longer, then sauntered back to Kel. “No need, babe. I said my piece.”
I turned on them, and Leni came up to me. I needed her to back off, too, though. I could imagine my heart racing in my physical body, and the need to punch something was overwhelming. I didn’t want to hurt her. What made me angrier than anything was that Mat was right. I chose this life to be a Guardian, and part of that choice was taking my rightful place as Leni’s protector. I couldn’t imagine not being by her side and keeping her safe. But part of that was being the leader with her that we were meant to be.

And fuck. How do you reconcile who you thought you were for the past 23 years with something like that?