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In case you didn’t see, I finished writing Book 4 of the Soul Savers Series. Just the first draft, of course, and it needs lots and lots of revisions. But, at least, it has a beginning, a middle and an end. If you’d told me five years ago that I’d write and publish a novel, I would have laughed. I can’t write fiction. Tried it. Failed. I just don’t have a book in me. And now I’ve written 5, if you include Genesis: A Soul Savers Novella. Unbelievable.

I promised those who helped me celebrate on Facebook a tease today. Please keep in mind, this is a very rough, rough, rough draft. In fact, I found it hard to find something that wasn’t spoilery because the book is really just a skeleton right now – the bones of the plot and a few muscles and tendons to hold it together, but not everything fleshed out and hardly any description to make it pretty. But here you go, from Book 4 (which will have a title soon):

As we passed an alley, I caught a very familiar scene out of the corner of my eye, and I stopped.
Tristan, wait!
I turned back and began walking down the alley, toward two vampires with a girl. This time, I knew for sure she was a Norman girl because of her mind signature, and I also knew exactly what they planned to do with her. Their backs were to me, one short and dark-haired, and the other tall. With white-blond hair.
It’s our lucky day, I told Tristan as he joined me in the alley.
Not her, but close enough,” he agreed.
I ran my thumb over the amethyst in my dagger, revealing the silver blade, and withdrew it from its sheath at my hip. Then I ran and lunged at them. The dark-haired one immediately took off and Tristan chased after him. I landed on the back of the blond. Victor. Vanessa’s brother.
He squirmed and bucked, trying to throw me off, but I held on tightly, my thighs gripping his waist and my arms around his shoulders. I held the silver blade to his neck and he froze.
“That’s a good boy,” I said, still hanging onto his back. I peered over his shoulder at the girl. With long dark hair and dark eyes, tall and thin, she reminded me so much of Sheree. I thanked God that I’d been able to stop the attack on her. “Go. Now!”
Just like Sheree had done so long ago, the girl scrambled to her feet and stumbled down the alley. Victor made another attempt to throw me off. The blade slid across his skin and he yelped from the contact of the silver. He froze again.
“Your sister’s right. You really are an idiot, aren’t you?” I asked.
“Get the fuck off me,” he growled.
“Answer a question for me and I’ll think about it.”
“I have nothing to tell you.”
I pressed the blade harder against his throat. He whimpered. “I just want to know where Vanessa is.”
“I don’t know.” Victor stiffened even more under my muscles, but I hadn’t done anything to cause it. 
“I suggest telling the truth,” Tristan said. 

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9 Responses to Teaser Tuesday

  1. Natasha says:

    Omgosh…. Hurry hurry hurry… put us out of our misery.. Lol…. Can’t wait for this book to come out!!!!! Like all of the other books in this series I know this one is going to be fantastic!!!

  2. Marie Evans says:

    Oh wow!! I’m already finding myself yelling, what!! What happens next?!?!? Can’t wait for this!!!

  3. Heather says:

    Awesome! I love this excerpt, it makes me want to read more! And congratulations on finishing the first draft! *throws confetti*

  4. Crystal Searan says:

    As soon as I read the last sentence in my head I was yelling what the heck happens!! Lol. Not to mention my heart started beating a little faster of excitment. Great job. Excited that you got the first draft down!! I even had a glass of wine to celebrate for ya!

  5. Marissa says:

    OMG, this book is gunna be freaking amazing!!!!!!!!

  6. Lynn Cleland says:

    I cant wait. Hurry. I has me going back to read the others again. Notice Again. I am so glad you got the hard part completed so quickly finish the bits and bobs PLEASE

  7. Kat says:

    I finished all three books and wished genesis was on ibooks don’t like reading on kindle. I cannot wait for the fourth book! Thanks for the teaser!

  8. Kathy G. says:

    Can’t wait for this book to be out! Great teaser! I don’t know if I can wait!!

  9. Laura J says:

    I just started Devotion and am totally in love with this series! Best of luck finishing book 4!

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