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As promised, I’ve been scheming and planning ways to improve my blog. This primarily requires actually blogging, since I’m lacking in that area [I totally suck]. But I’m not a lost cause. 😉 Anyway, many writers do a Teaser Tuesday and I loved the idea. So I’m stealing it sharing in the fun. So here’s the first one, a snippet from PROMISE, my upcoming novel.
The two-bedroom cottage, four blocks from the Cape’s downtown area and two blocks from the beach, was quiet and usually comforting. It was one of the few places we lived that actually felt like home. Usually, our moves required leaving everything behind except the bare necessities. Since we actually brought our belongings this time, they were at least familiar, if not nostalgic. Mom decorated in browns and beiges, but with leather and wood furniture and chenille and silk throw pillows, the variety of textures kept it from being boring. Rather, it was cozy and calming, like “Mom’s place” should be. And I was scared to death to be here alone.
I paced the cottage several times, mentally going through self-defense moves Mom taught me many years ago. They hadn’t done me any good against those people last time, but I thought if I was ready for them now….
I whirled on a whispered sound, my heart hammering. It stopped when I did.
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3 Responses to Teaser Tuesday

  1. Brodie says:

    Oooh, don’t stop there! More, please? I was just looking for an excerpt of your novel after reading the fantastic synopsis. And then I see this post!

    I like, I’m intrigued, I want more 😀

  2. Kristie Cook says:

    Thanks, Brodie! I’m glad you like. Excerpts will be posted on the Promise website very soon, but you can get a couple in the archives here. The First Page Blog Fest and the Fight Scene Fun (February) are both excerpts from Promise (fight scene has been cleaned up, but still pretty close to the final). Thanks for your support!

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