Yes, I know, Tuesday is nearly over. In fact, most of you are probably reading this on Wednesday. It’s summer – all the days run together, anyway, right? Right. Besides, today was kind of a Monday for us Yanks, with the holiday and all. Those are my excuses That’s my logical reasoning for my tardiness.
So, I’m cheating a little. Only because my friend Meredith Shea Wood posted her Teaser Tuesday and it ROCKS! So her Teaser Tuesday is mine this week. Check it out here. And if you haven’t read the first book of the series, Panthan’s Crucible, do so. Now. What are you waiting for????

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Meredith’s world at first feels familiar, but then she knocks you off kilter with a unique premise that grabs your imagination and doesn’t let go. She’s spun the concepts of vampires and angels into her own creation of Panthans, which are “like angels…but blood-thirsty.” Panthan’s Crucible takes you on a wild ride that leaves you wondering where the line between good and evil lies…or if there even is such a line. It’s a fun, fantastical read. YA fans, this one’s for you!

After reading Meredith’s Teaser Tuesday excerpt, you have to be intrigued. I know you are. So, as a special treat, I’ll be interviewing Meredith this month. My first author interview. I’m so excited! So stay tuned.

And now a couple more songs from the Promise playlist.