First, today is 1/11/11!!!! I think we need to make a wish! I know what mine is!

Onto the blog post…

I’ve finally been able to sit down and write! Yay! I started Soul Savers Book 3 (currently untitled) December 5, 2009. Until this weekend, the last time I’d worked on it was January 11, 2010. Yes, it’d been nearly a year. I could barely remember what I had written and was surprised when I opened the file that I had 45,000 words!

Unfortunately, some of those words will have to go because they don’t fit anymore. And what remain will likely be rewritten, revised, polished to a shine by the time I’m done. But at least I don’t have to start over, which I had seriously considered and even started doing Saturday. Does that mean Book 3 will be out sooner than a year from now? Meh. I doubt it. After all, I want it to be perfect for you, lovelies!

For Teaser Tuesday, though, here is the first line, as it currently exists: 

I stood in the sitting room of the ancient Amadis mansion, staring at the giant tapestry spanning the entire stone wall and wondering how I could change the future it told for my son.

It will probably change a hundred times between now and release day, but there you go. Does it pique your interest? Too wordy?