Great strides were made in the fabulously titled Book 3 over the weekend. I finally broke through a barrier that had really been slowing my progress. Now that the dam is removed, the story is flowing like the Mississippi River. I’m back in the zone and loving it.

Here’s a bit to tease you with – meet Owen’s mother (remember – first draft, no judging):

“You can’t go in there!” Owen’s bark came from the other side of the door.

“Owen, I am your mother. You let me in right now,” commanded a stern female voice. Then the door burst open. “Sophia!”

“Sorry,” Owen muttered, following the woman in.

Mom grinned widely. “It’s okay, Owen. I doubt your mother is trying anything sneaky with us.”

The woman slid out of her leather jacket and tossed it to Owen as she strode over to Mom and embraced her. She wore black leather from head to toe—a bustier, pants and combat boots—and though her build was slight, she was quite intimidating. She appeared to be in her mid- to late-thirties, but she had to be nearly three times older: Owen looked about twenty-four, but was actually sixty-eight and this, apparently, was his mother. The resemblance was obvious—her shoulder-length, straight hair was the same shade of blond as his and her eyes the same sapphire blue.

“I know I’m breaking protocol, but I just couldn’t wait a minute longer to see you or to meet Alexis,” she said, already advancing on me. She didn’t wait for introductions. “Ah, yes, you are as beautiful as I’ve heard. Hello, Alexis, I am Charlotte Allbright.”