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As many times as readers have asked, I have tried to stick to my self-imposed rule that I won’t cast my characters and you won’t ever see my main characters’ faces on my covers. Because I want you, the reader, to create your own images. I provide enough description to get you started, but you get to fill in the blanks how you want them to look. I just think it makes for a better reading experience. I also think this is especially true for the male lead, because I don’t want to force my image of Mr. Beautiful on … Continue reading

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After last week’s insane week, I’m somewhat discombobulated this week, trying to catch up on things that have been ignored. So, for this week’s Teaser Tuesday, I’m teasing you with a few of my favorite things to cheer us all up. 🙂 Enjoy!! And because I have this insane crush on William Levy, another one of him: I used insane twice in this 20-word post…must tell you something about how I’m feeling right now. LOL What would you add as your favorite things? Point me to a picture and we’ll share.

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Don’t forget to enter the 50 to 100 Contest! I just returned from a short jaunt to Orlando. My day-job business requires me to go up there for a night every two months, but this time I spent two nights and mixed in a little pleasure. The Man came with me and we saw 30 Seconds to Mars at the House of Blues (I know, you’re jealous bwahahaha). I luuuuurve 30 Seconds to Mars – their music. I never really paid attention to the actual band and its members. I was very impressed. One of the best shows I’ve ever … Continue reading

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