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We’ve heard it time and again – “Kill Your Darlings!” It sounds like such a psychotic phrase. Kill my darlings? As in my babies? These sweet little things I’d give my life for? No, no, NO! Not your human darlings. Sheesh. So what darlings are we talking about? Your writing darlings. (Which can sometimes feel like our human babies, I know, but they’re not really. Human, I mean. You know that, right?) I’ve discovered over the years that this phrase has several different meanings. Killing the Darlings Everyone LovesI think the first time I ever heard “Kill Your Darlings” was … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, convenience stores offered few choices of beverages for the thirsty traveler – hot coffee or cold soda or beer. Now you walk into a mini-mart and you can choose from an array of different coffees, hot and iced, sodas, waters, juices, frozen drinks, etc. When these alternatives first came on the market, they were from companies we probably never heard of. We gave them a shot and discovered new favorites. Same with music. There used to be a time you walked into a record store and your choices were limited to what the store’s buyer decided … Continue reading

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The debate between indie and traditional (trad) publishing has heated recently and it’s created a lot of animosity that I just don’t understand. I feel like a divide has been growing – Team Indie vs. Team Trad. And before I delve into this, I feel the need to say that just because I’m happy to be Indie and I do things like Indie Authors Relief Fund, doesn’t mean that I’m all “GO TEAM INDIE!” That I think every writer should be indie and you’re stupid for not doing it my way. I do support my fellow indies. I think it’s … Continue reading

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