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There’s been a bit of author drama on the interwebz again this week. I’m not sure if they’ve been temporary meltdowns or more cases of Authors Behaving Badly, but either way – dude, be nice to your readers! I love my readers! I adore each and every one of you. I would write even if I had no readers, but ya’ll make it so much more fun. You give me inspiration. You motivate me to put my butt in the chair and write. And most of all, you give me friendship. Even if I’ve never met you or communicated with … Continue reading

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Somehow, the calendar shows that it’s already February. February! But, wasn’t New Year’s just last week? I wish, for everyone I know, that we could start the year over. Because, so far, 2013 sucks. Big time. I personally spent most of January in my writing cave, working on The Space Between and starting Soul Savers Book 5, and haven’t really left this month either. Days pass while I huddle in my cocoon, living in different worlds. But I’m not totally out of it, because I just can’t keep myself away from the sparklies and pretties on Facebook and Twitter. Well, usually … Continue reading

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Every now and then I get a reviewer who comments or complains about the profanity in my books. And there may even be others who comment on those reviews with appreciation to know because they don’t want a book with cuss words, especially the f-bomb. Well…so what. My books aren’t for everyone and I’m okay with that. *shrugs* But I’ve also had a handful of readers ask me how my particular characters can cuss so much considering their background with angels. They’ve said it’s not just my books, but others with angels, too. Now this is a good question…or discussion. … Continue reading

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I don’t rant online. I try to be positive and figure if I don’t have something nice to say, I won’t say anything at all. Not online, anyway. But sometimes a rant is truly called for and piracy calls for it. People can justify piracy all they want, call it whatever they want, but in the end, it’s nothing but stealing. It’s stealing from the booksellers, from the publishers and from the authors. People’s livelihoods depend on book sales. Bookstores can’t stay open if they don’t sell books. Publishers can’t continue releasing new books and discovering new authors if they … Continue reading

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