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Last time, I gave a step-by-step rundown of my revision process and explained how I “use” (that sounds so bad) alphas, betas and critique partners. Now, we can begin breaking the process down, starting with the first few rounds of revisions. These rounds are both fun and painful at the same time. They’re fun, because I’m still in the creative part of the process. There’s still a lot of new writing going on and I’m coming up with new ideas for plot twists, suspense thickeners and character development. They’re painful because it means chopping up what I’d once thought was a … Continue reading

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Mention the word “revisions” around a group of writers, and you’ll get a mixed chorus of “ugh!” and “squee!” It’s true – some writers hate revisions while others love them. Those who hate them say they prefer the creative part of the process and hate getting bogged down with the technicalities of grammar and sentence structure and rewriting the same sentence 23 times before getting it exactly right (only to end up deleting it in a later round). Others say they love giving their stories that beautiful polish, knowing that every change is making the story and the writing better. … Continue reading

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