Price Drops, Sales & Promise Breaks 100 List!

Price Drops, Sales & Promise Breaks 100 List!

I am so freakin’ excited! Promise and Purpose are listed in extremely popular and competitive categories on Amazon, so it’s really hard to break into a Top 100 list. But Promise finally did! Check this out:I caught it last night right at #100 in the...

On a Book Budget?

In case you’re on a book budget and haven’t caught the free promotions for Promise…and in case you didn’t know already…Promise eBook is now only $2.99!!!That’s less than $3! Less than a cup of ‘Bucks! Less than a gallon of...

eBook Price Drop

The Promise eBook price has dropped to $2.99! Great price for an awesome read!4.2 Stars on Goodreads4.25 Stars on Amazon4.5 Stars on SmashwordsSmashwords