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Or you could call this when a pantser tries to plot. I used to be a pantser, or, really, a hybrid. With Promise and Purpose, I let the characters tell me the story, but I had an idea of where it was going and some of the major plot twists. I kept a notebook with scribbles so I wouldn’t forget my ideas when the time came. With the third book of the series, and probably the rest, however, I had to plot. Switching teams was a big step for me because it terrified me, but it turned out well. I … Continue reading

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   I think I might have switched teams. The other side really seems to be working out better for me now. But I feel so guilty. I see my old team staring at me with mouths open, unable to believe that I would betray them so blatantly. “Don’t leave us! This is the fun side where all the exciting stuff happens! You’ll hate it over there – it’s so rigid and conforming. You’ll miss our chaos, our uncertainty and our passion! You said you’d never leave us again!” Yes, indeed, I did say that. I said I’d never be a … Continue reading

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