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We have a visitor today! Everyone, I’d like you to meet Fin. If you haven’t met him yet, he’s a super-hot, sweet yet fierce … um … don’t call him a fish! He’s a mer-man. Yes, you read that right. You can thank Author Brenda Pandos for bringing Fin into the world of her Mer Tales series. I’m so excited to have Fin here today, revealing the fabulous new cover for Evergreen, the next book in the Mer Tales series, and also to talk to us about food. Since he’s here on a Friday, I couldn’t pass up the chance. … Continue reading

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Last December 14th, I held a Twitter party to celebrate the release of my second book, Purpose, the following day. It was kind of chaotic and I don’t remember everyone who joined me, but there were many people I “knew” from the interwebz and some I didn’t. One I didn’t know was Brenda Pandos, although the name rang somewhat familiar. I was just too busy managing tweets to realize then that I’d seen her books on all the book blogs. Then someone mentioned her own Twittter party the next day. To celebrate the release of her second book. On December … Continue reading

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