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Since we’re celebrating the release of Genesis: A Soul Savers Novella this month, I thought we’d spend the next few Foodie Fridays exploring food and cooking of the place and time period – Greece around 200 B.C. Today, Jordan, one of the main characters, and Eris, his, uh- “My bitch,” Jordan says. Eris rolls her dark eyes. I blink at him. With shoulder-length blond hair, deep blue eyes and a body a Spartan would salivate over, he’s hot. “What? She’s not really my wife. We don’t even believe in marriage. As if I’d ever marry her.” “Um,” I stammer. Yeah, … Continue reading

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Eric Northman. Damon Salvatore. Do I have your attention? Maybe these will help. Aah. Okay, that is all. No. Wait! Not really. I just got a little distracted for a moment there. *wipes drool from chin* This is why I should wait to insert pictures until after I’ve written the post. Okay, really, I do have a reason for bringing your attention to these hawties and for the same reason I posted the passage I did for this week’s Teaser Tuesday. Which I’ll get to in a moment. But first…why these two? Because I have a new lust. Let me … Continue reading

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A tease from Genesis: A Soul Savers Novella (releasing next month! Eep!) There’s a reason I’m sharing this – you’ll find out Thursday. 🙂 A little set-up. The first “his” refers to Niko, a fallen soldier. The other male here is Jordan, one of the two main characters of the story, who’s been carrying Niko across his shoulders. “Her” refers to Cassandra, Jordan’s twin sister and the other main character. This part is told from Cassandra’s point of view. His lids slowly lifted, revealing the familiar green-olive eyes. His entire face contorted with pain but something sparked in his eyes … Continue reading

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