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Last week I asked you all to tell me where you think CJ (the co-publisher) and I should have dinner in Miami and nobody responded. I’m going to assume that it’s not because you don’t love me or care if I stuff horrid food in my body, but that, like us, you just couldn’t decide which one you would pick. One is known as a favorite stand-by. The other sounded delish, but a little risky. But no worries! We decided to brave it out and try the brand-spanking-new Eating Place Miami. It’s the first pop-up restaurant we’ve ever been to. … Continue reading

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Promise began a hundred different ways. And I really don’t think I’m exaggerating. In some of the false starts, it opened with Alexis already at college. In some, she was at the bookstore with Sophia, helping her paint and clean. It always began with her starting college in Florida, far away from where she’d graduated high school, but the actual location of the opening scene changed many times. As did the place from where she came. In some drafts, she’d moved from Denver or Chicago. For a long time, she’d come from Minnesota. I’ve never been to Minnesota, but it … Continue reading

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