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Hi, my lovelies! Long time no blog, I know, I know. As I warned, I took a break for the holidays and then extended it so I could wrap up Devotion. And now I’m ready to start the new year with a BANG! I have lots of fun and exciting plans for you this year and what better way than to start it off with a Teaser Tuesday? Especially a Teaser Tuesday Cover Reveal? So without further ado… Isn’t she gorgeous?!?! I absolutely love, love, LOVE and can’t stop staring at it. Author Brenda Pandos once again did a fantabulous … Continue reading

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I’m a soon-to-be-recovering workaholic (soon as when I win the lottery) and I’m a home-body. Since I work at home – for both my day-job and writing – I really, seriously, sadly don’t get out much. This week, though, offered a change of pace. For the past few years, every two months I make an overnight trip to Orlando for the day-job business. It usually entails the drive up there, work for a couple hours, eat in my hotel room and enjoy the quiet and write…or get online because I suddenly feel so lonely. Then I get up the next … Continue reading

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(And if you dare ask if that’s my birthday coming up, I’ll reach right through your screen and slap you.) This is a time for celebration! I’ve reached 50 Followers!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! (Apparently, this calls for lots of !!!!s. All celebrations do, right?) Thank you all for thinking I have something interesting to say. When I first started, I really thought this blog would be a big flop, but it’s actually been a lot of fun. I’ve been scheming in the background, too, and have even more fun and interesting things planned. I’m really excited for its future. But first…what this … Continue reading

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