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Today you get to meet a fabulous person and an excellent writer with a heart the size of a, er, dragon. Which must be why she’s writing about dragons. That’s right – today we have the lovely Eisley Jacobs. About Eisley Eisley Jacobs lives in Denver, Colorado with her three children and husband. Eisley actively writes the characters that stroll through her head. The first YA Novel she completed was in high school, but some how got lost in the shuffle into real life. While studying at college, stories began to plague her mind and she tried her best to … Continue reading

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I am so freakin’ excited for Eisley Jacobs and her soon-to-be-released BORN TO BE A DRAGON. I’m also excited to be the second stop on her blog tour and scavenger hunt. AND, I don’t just get an everyday guest post, but a VLOG, you guys. A VLOG!!! Before I bring on Her Awesomeness, be aware that you need to pay attention to the vlog. Why? Because there’s a Nook up for grabs! The vlog is part of her scavenger hunt. She has a question over on her site and the answer is “hidden” in this video. Answer it and be … Continue reading

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I write about angels and their…hmm…activities on Earth (that’s sort of a way to put it without giving the books away, anyway :-P). If angels do reside on Earth, embodied in human form, then Eisley Jacobs must be one. I think Eisley was the first writer-friend I met on Twitter and I am so grateful I did. She’s a beautiful person and a wonderful writer. And, dude, she’ll make you laugh until you literally are rolling on the floor. Or, at least, falling out of your chair. Eisley leaves right after Christmas for a mission trip to Ethiopia. She’s been … Continue reading

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